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What repetitive task takes you the most time in OwnerRez each week?

OwnerRez is an incredibly powerful tool that does a lot of high level tasks automatically. But there are still some thing that take time. We'd like to hear what repetitive task you think takes the most time to do in OwnerRez.

What do you find yourself doing over and over again?

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What repetitive task takes you the most time in OwnerRez each week?

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5 Comments (add yours)

Jun 20, 20
4:59 pm
Norma T says:

I receive too many phone calls and emails asking questions about the property even though the answers are all posted on my listing.

Jun 23, 20
8:47 pm
Kristine M says:

I can’t forgive out how to customize the messages for inquiries. I thought I have done it 3 times but it always reverts back. I am
Obviously doing something wrong but don’t know what.

Jun 26, 20
10:50 pm
Casa By The Sea says:

Here you go Ken, your software is so good I really don't do anything but check for messages and lookup information on bookings.

Jun 29, 20
2:20 am
Ella says:

trying to remember and Sending my automated emails manually because the time that are being sent does not work for me. It would be awesome if we can customize what hour of the day these emails are being sent.

Jun 29, 20
10:21 am
Denise K says:

Thanks for all your help!

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