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Webinar With Airbnb, California Bans Vacation Rentals, No New Year’s Eve Parties, Workcations In Miami Beach, Covid Vaccine

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Happy Friday! 😃This will be our final industry news for 2020, since the holidays are next week!🎄We hope everyone can spend some safe, quality time with their families. We will be winding things down until after the new year, but don’t worry! We’ll still be around if something catastrophic happens.

We would like to thank everyone for a fantastic year, despite all of the craziness that has been going on. We have a lot of exciting things planned for 2021, and look forward to seeing what the future holds. One thing you can sign up for now is our upcoming webinar with Airbnb on January 12th. We’ll discuss how to optimize your properties for listing on Airbnb. The session is free to join, but you need to use the sign-up for OwnerRez/Airbnb webinar link to register. Now, let's get into this week's industry news!

California has made vacation rentals illegal. The new travel restriction put in place makes it illegal for owners to take reservations from people traveling from another state. The exceptions to this rule are that guests may stay if they quarantine for 14 days prior to arrival, or if they are traveling for essential purposes. However, most of the state has even tighter restrictions, only allowing guests to stay for essential travel. To make matters worse, guests who book through vacation rental sites are being told there is no guarantee for refunds.

Airbnb has placed a ban on one-night stays for this upcoming New Year’s Eve. This comes as no surprise, as Airbnb has done this before with other holidays to prevent large one-night parties. We’ve mentioned this in the past here, here, here, here...I think you get the point. Some people may be angry over this, but it’s either this or your place gets trashed and your neighbors are pissed.🤷‍♂️

The new travel trend, Remote “Workcations”, has come about because of Covid. Some cities, such as Miami Beach, Florida have begun to invite visitors for longer periods of stay in 2021. Future "workcationers" will be able to take advantage of special incentives and unique experiences with extended stay packages. If you can work remotely, why not work somewhere with perks you can enjoy in your off-time?🌴

Now to wrap things up with hope for the future, there’s a Covid-19 vaccine! The first trucks with the vaccine left the Pfizer plant in Michigan on December 13th. They are expected to deliver 2.9 million doses this week! This will dramatically impact the vacation rental industry and the entire economy for that matter. We hope everyone who wants to can get vaccinated ASAP and things can get back to normal. Thank you to everyone who makes OwnerRez the best vacation rental software out there!

Happy Holidays!🎄

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Evelyn E
Dec 19, 2020 12:34 PM
Joined Mar, 2018 12 posts

You won't catch me letting the government inject me with an unproven, untested cocktail of chemicals they have concocted. I am not critical of anyone who feels otherwise, and I will appreciate it if you will allow me to have my opinion with shaming me.

Dec 19, 2020 1:03 PM
Joined Oct, 2018 40 posts

Evelyn, that is sooooo funny.... :)

Sarah H
Dec 22, 2020 12:38 AM
Joined Jul, 2019 109 posts

Great updates - love these notes, thanks for all the help in 2020. Wild year, good year though.

Chris L
Dec 25, 2020 3:26 PM
Joined May, 2017 199 posts

Hm. Those are some interesting claims, Evelyn.

I don't think it's accurate to claim the vaccine is unproven. The efficacy rate has been shown in widespread clinical trials to be about 95% effective, which is amazing and far higher than experts were initially hoping for. For the Moderna vaccine, whose trial consisted of 30,000 people, 185 people in the placebo cohort were symptomatic versus only 11 people in the vaccine cohort. As well, 30 people in the placebo cohort developed severe symptoms, and there was one death. In the vaccine group, there were zero severe cases and zero deaths. That's one of the clearest datasets showing proven efficacy imaginable. (This amusing webcomic illustrates just how clear the data is: https://xkcd.com/2400/.) Pfizer was similar and had an even larger trial of 42,000 participants.)

Is it accurate to say it's untested? 11 months start to finish sounds fast compared to other vaccines, but the groundwork for this vaccine has been laid for over a decade (see https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2020-12-07/years-of-research-laid-groundwork-for-speedy-covid-19-shots). In fact, the actual mRNA code for the vaccine was developed within a week or two of the genetic code of the SARS-CoV-2 virus being sequenced back in January, and the rest of the time since then has been spent on testing and trials to ensure the vaccine is safe. In other words, we actually had safe, functional vaccines at the very beginning of the pandemic (before it even really started to spread in the US); the entire reason for the delay was to test and test and test the vaccine to make sure it actually _is_ safe. No corners were cut in that testing; the reason it was shorter than most other trials is because the Trump administration removed some of the red tape and allowed the manufacturers to run trials simultaneously instead of sequentially.

Is it a cocktail of chemicals? Well, everything on this earth is a cocktail of chemicals. A glass of orange juice you squeeze yourself from a fresh orange picked off of a Florida citrus tree is a cocktail of chemicals. Heck, even the purest distilled jug of water is a chemical. But what about the ingredients of these vaccines? "Nothing too surprising there," according to a Tucson hospitalist (https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2020/12/12/pfizer-covid-vaccine-ingredient-list-nothing-too-surprising-there/6520511002/). The ingredients consist of 30 micrograms of mRNA (messenger RNA, a code of proteins that is not living/active itself but stimulates your immune system to recognize the spike protein that makes the SARS-CoV-2 virus so potent so that it can fight it when you're exposed to the real virus), fats to encapsulate and protect the mRNA, salts, and sugar. The whole thing is mixed in a saline solution (just like the saline solution in a hospital IV) for delivery. That's it. Nothing toxic or dangerous or anything. (Check out https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/12/09/1013538/what-are-the-ingredients-of-pfizers-covid-19-vaccine/ for a deeper look at the ingredients.)

Did the government concoct the vaccine? These vaccines were developed by private pharmaceutical companies. Some companies took funding from the US federal government in exchange for the government sharing its expertise and having a say in pricing/availability/distribution, but the government did not dictate the vaccine's contents. If you're worried about government influence, choose the Pfizer vaccine, as they did not take any federal funding and developed the vaccine privately. Or maybe choose the AstraZenica vaccine, which was developed in the UK by a British-Swedish company, which would be pretty immune (no pun intended) from US government conspiracies or whatever. (Also, it seems to me that if a US-developed vaccine were dangerous, a foreign company like AstraZenica would be taking full advantage and advertising that prominently and loudly in order to sell people on its vaccine instead...but I digress.)

Is the government injecting you? So far, every indication is that the vaccine will be offered and administered optionally and privately, just like you go to your local Walmart or doctor's office for your annual flu vaccine.

In any case, I've done tons of research on this and have talked to a number of friends who are physicians, pharmacists, virologists, and other (private, impartial, non-government-employed) experts who are all universally and overwhelmingly in favor of vaccination ASAP (several have already gotten theirs), and since they aren't showing any hestitancy whatsoever, I'll be putting my money where my mouth is and will be first in line to get the vaccine when it's offered to my demographic.