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It's Vacation Rental Week!

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OwnerRez is excited to participate in the third annual #VacationRentalWeek! The point of this week is to spread awareness and educate people on the positive impact that professionally-managed vacation rentals have on guests, property owners, and local economies.

For Guests

Compared to hotels, vacation rentals offer much more for your money, including privacy, convenience, additional space and amenities. Vacation rentals also offer a cleaner, more socially-distanced experience, with less outside interaction compared to hotels. Create a more personalized, memorable vacation experience with the practical comfort of an actual residence, the ability to explore the neighborhood, and the opportunity to discover aspects of your destination you might not encounter when staying at a hotel. When planning a vacation with family, vacation rentals are an excellent option, typically offering multiple bedrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and easy access to local entertainment.

For Property Owners

Using an "Elite" vacation rental property management software such as OwnerRez, allows you to transform your home it into an asset that offers a significant return on your investment. You’ll also be able to use the property when you choose, while renting it to guests the rest of the year. 

This week, we are hosting a live Q&A webinar! If you have any questions about OwnerRez, or vacation rentals in general, come join us live. Make sure to write in questions prior to the webinar so we can start off by answering those right away. Register for this webinar here!

Be sure to join the conversation this week on social media using #VacationRentalWeek.