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User Profile: Groome & Morales and MyPcbCondo.com

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From time to time, we showcase OwnerRez users that show exemplary work. This week, we talked to Jeanne from Groome & Morales and MyPCBCondo.com. Their website and operation can be found at MyPcbCondo.com or on their Facebook page for property Retro Ranch. Below are the questions we asked and her responses.

Can you tell us a little bit about your history?

Jeanna:  I am a realtor in Memphis. My husband Billy and I own our own brokerage here - Groome & Co Realtors which can be found at groomeco.com - so vacation rentals seemed a natural side business. To build retirement income and an investment portfolio, we chose short term vacation rentals instead of doing long term rental homes in my local market for diversity and a little fun for when we stay. I bought my first VR in Destin with my husband in 2000 when my oldest child was a pre-schooler and have owned one ever since.

We sold in 2005 and selected Panama City Beach as an area of revitalization and growth as Destin was saturated and the traffic had become so awful. We have seen vast economic changes in the market (due to the mortgage crisis of late 2000’s) but we held on and “rode the wave” and are so glad we did. We also have a lake house in hot springs Arkansas that we started.

My sister Jolynna Morales is also a realtor and partners with me on our 3 bedroom Regency Towers condo in PCB.  Her husband is a talented contractor so that comes in handy for renovations! My family has spent many happy times and made great memories in our rentals.

You mentioned being a realtor - when did you start that?

Jeanna:  I've been a broker for 27 years.

Are you from Memphis or Destin or PCB originally?

Jeanna:  I'm from Memphis and manage the Florida properties remotely.

What do you love the most about the vacation rental business?

Jeanna:  To travel and participate in different real estate markets while building equity and long term investment value.

What do you dislike the most about it?

Jeanna:  Headaches and repairs. (laughing)

How do you use OwnerRez to manage your business?

Jeanna:  I love love love OwnerRez. It saves me from doing repetitive tasks and from forgetting to send an alert to cleaning staff or instructions to guests. The hosted website is a wonderful integration for a one stop shop for all my VR needs.

What is the most useful feature OwnerRez offers?

Jeanna:  So many things, but I believe the integrated hosted website is extremely valuable - I spent days creating my own stand alone site before OwnerRez offered this. I would like to see additional enhancements to the hosted options, but its functional and simple. We are now booking the MAJORITY on our own; we're not longer hostage to Vrbo. (laughing)


Thanks, Jeanna and Jolynna!  We love you too! ❤️️ Our hosted website feature is an ongoing project with many coming enhancements that we look forward to adding, so keep watching on that.

We wish Groome and Morales much success in the Panama City Beach area as they continue to manage their business and thrive in the vacation rental industry!