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Update History No Longer Carpooling With The Blog

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For awhile now, we've disliked putting the technical details of our updates in blog posts and wanted to provide an update history area that contained specific technical information.

If you're wondering what I mean, take a look at our last five posts and you'll see several titles that start with something like "New Update (x.x.x) Released".

To scratch this itch, we just released a minor update. Click that link and you'll see the technical details of the release contained in (wait for it) the new update history area.

The blog will continue to comment on updates, as they occur, but without all the technical flair that goes along with it - version numbers, release date, affected components, etc. If you care about such things, they'll be waiting for you in the update history area.

I considered going back and re-titling previous blog posts and changing the content to address the now-separate update history, but I was told by my co-workers that such a move violated the nature of the Internet. I was told that blog posts should be persistent and reflect the time in which they were written, even if they now seem obsolete. So, as much as it pains me, I'll leave the old stuff alone.

We've also added comment capability to the update history so you can let us know what you think when stuff happens. As with the blog, the comment capability is available via the forums under the newly-added Update History Comments forum.