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Show Your Brand Logo in Gmail, more Hawaii VR troubles

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It’s finally Friday!

Some of you may have heard about Gmail launching a BIMI pilot this week - it was picked up by a lot of online tech news websites. BIMI might sound really nerdy, but basically it’s a way for your brand (ie. your logo) to show if you’re using an authenticated domain name to send email to your customers.

In this picture, your logo would show where the CNN one is now:

This is cool for you (as vacation rental owners and PMs) because it means that your logo can be shown prominently as the avatar next to your email messages in Gmail.  And because OwnerRez already supports (and requires) the DMARC standard, if you’re sending from your own domain name, you’ll be ahead of the curve in setting this up..  If you don’t know what it means to send from your own domain name, look at our Verified Sender program which is completely free and available to all OwnerRez clients.

In Hawaii, the state Land Use Commission has a big decision to make. The question of whether Hawaii County can prohibit short-term vacation rentals on land classified as agriculture will be decided August 12th. A group of 20 Kailua-Kona, Waimea and Captain Cook landowners, along with the County, have asked the LUC for a declaratory ruling. Half of Hawaii land mass is classified as agriculture, close to 1.2 million acres. That being said the decision will have far reaching effects for the vacation rental industry on the island.

In more island news, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island consider ‘resort bubbles’ for visitor quarantines. The idea would be to geo-fence guests to the confines of the resort they stay at. The state currently has a 14 day quarantine for those who travel to the island until September. Hawaii also plans to implement COVID-19 testing within 72 hours of arrival starting in September.

So if you gotta go to Hawaii, you might end up being stuck for a couple weeks.  ...Not the worst place in the world to be stuck, I guess.