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San Antonio VRMA, Honolulu Changes STR Definition, Strasburg Rental Ordinance, Summit County STR Conversions

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Happy Friday!😃

It's been a little while since we've posted an industry news because we've had SO MANY UPDATES to talk about. If you missed our recent product updates, be sure to take a look at the Midsummer Updates series we've posted over the past couple weeks. The series covers all of the product updates that were released back in July and August. There were 9 parts, beginning with this one, and it's worth the time to read about the dozens of new updates.

The San Antonio VRMA conference is next week! If you're in the area, join us Monday, October 4th from 6:00pm - 9:00pm, at Prost Hous! Come say hi and enjoy a cold brew or a mouthwatering appetizer buffet on us. While we're talking about VRMA, they recently announced to their members that they are partnering with Vrbo to include rental property owners, many of whom self-manage bookings through platforms such as Vrbo. This decision was made to enhance professionalism in short-term vacation rentals and encourage owners to share their expertise. 

The Honolulu County Planning Commission proposed a new bill that would change the definition of a short-term rental from 30 days to under 180 days. That doesn't sound very short...🤔 This will specifically affect those in residential areas, however these changes would need to be approved by the Honolulu City Council prior to implementation.

Strasburg, VA Planning Commission has introduced a new short-term rental ordinance intended to regulate STR's and enforce a 6% transient-occupancy tax. This would also require one additional parking space per guest room for both owner-occupied and non owner-occupied properties.

Summit County, CO housing department has made conversion plans for short-term rentals. The idea behind this is to increase the number of affordable housing units in Summit County. One of the proposed strategies would be to convert short-term rentals into long-term rentals for local residents. The details are not yet solidified, but the department would like to roll out the program on October 15th.