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Portal access for owners and staff released!

We've just released a new user portal that allows you to grant access to owners, cleaners, maintenance staff etc. to view availability calendars, block off time, and view owner statements. This has been a highly requested feature for a long time, and we're excited to get it into your hands!

This looks like the same ribbon view you've come to know and love, but is available for each user you grant access to!

Once you set up portal access, you'll be able to give logins with permission to view one or more owners or properties, as well as allowing access to different levels of information about bookings, owner statements, and blocking off time.

For more information on setup and configuration, review our Portal Access support article.

This is only the beginning -- now that the login and permissions are in place for granting access we've got many ideas of additional things that can be managed -- cleaning workflows like acceptance of cleaning, marking cleaning as complete, notes, checklists, even uploading images of the condition at time of cleaning.

We are still in the planning stages for the next steps, so if you have ideas, let us know!

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5 Comments (add yours)

Aug 15, 17
3:39 pm
susan h says:

is only for those with PM or for owners? I need this for use with my cleaners. I own 3 condos.

Aug 16, 17
7:30 am
BlueMtnCabins says:

looks like only if you have PM features enable. I have 2 properties, does not show as available to me

Aug 16, 17
7:34 am
Michelle J says:

Good morning! Yes, the Portal Access feature is only available within the PM tools area. You have to turn on the PM premium feature to use Portal Access.

Aug 16, 17
9:51 am
Chris Hynes says:

There's been some debate on this internally. Portal access is a pretty big ball of features, and something we'll be adding to over time with scheduling for cleaning, maintenance, etc. The way a lot of competitors price this is to make a separate "Employees Module" with cleaning logins and a "Property Management Module" with owner logins.

Instead of adding yet another module to add and pay for, and make folks that need both owner and employee logins pay twice, we rolled the single login feature into the PM module for now, and eventually make PM into a more general module that can be used by PMs or not PMs and has overall advanced features like the portal access, expense tracking etc.

Susan and Victoria, you've both been with us for awhile, so you've probably got some good feedback. Does our current direction make sense? Or would it be better to add a separate "Employees Module"?

Aug 16, 17
11:45 am
BlueMtnCabins says:

Chris (thank you for asking), to me personally I'd rather leave things as they are now (without PM module that I have to pay for) because my housekeeper is very content with just receiving a spreadsheet of bookings for following month from me which I can easily do through download. And if there is an update (like new booking), I just send her an updated version. this worked with my 2 properties prior 3 years with other housekeeper as well (except b4 the OR I sent a part of manual spreadsheet i maintain) and it is working now with current housekeeper. Unless I have 5+ properties I do not see enabling PM module just to get the feature.
besides, when I send a spreadsheet, I have email tracker - i know she at least opened the email I am not sure if she will 'forget" to log into a portal and look for updates.. I am not her only client.

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