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Pending Bookings for Credit Cards, and a new 3-Calendar Widget

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Sometimes, you need to verify that a booking is okay - perhaps you manage properties on behalf of other owners - before you make it permanent in the system, but you still want to take the booking, get a signed renter agreement and a verified credit card ahead of time.  Well, now you can!

Pending Bookings with Credit Card Verification

At both the property and quote level, you can apply settings to make a booking "require confirmation" which makes it pending after it has been submitted.  The guest still has to sign the renter agreement and give a credit card, and there's a very simple Confirm button that finishes the process once you're ready.

3-Calendar View for your Website

We've also released a great new widget for your website that shows a single property's availability across three small calendars at a time so that guests can get a faster sense of availability with less clicking.  This is also more consistent with how the large listing sites (VRBO, FlipKey) show calendar data.

Other Changes

Few other changes we slipped into this release:

  • Moved the Pending Days and Allowed Days rules for check and custom instruction payment methods to the property and quote
  • Updated the multi-select dropdowns to include the Select All and Clear All buttons again
  • Removed form asterisks where they were confusing or incorrect
  • Fixed First Payment logic in bookings to look at the booking arrival/departure dates instead of the associated quote
  • Converted the inquiry/Book Now widget to use drop-downs for adult, child and pet where property rules denote min or max
  • Removed Nightly rate requirement when adding a new property
  • Pro-Rate option on rates now pro-rates in both directions (up and down) depending on the availability of other rates
  • Pro-Rate option is now visible on the rates grid and can be sorted and filtered