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Trigger Enhancements and Forecasting

We just released a new update for Triggers that adds several powerful features and lays the groundwork for new criteria. Here's what's new:

  • Payment Status criteria
  • Send before triggers the first time criteria matches
  • Send create triggers on VRBO reservation import
  • Trigger forecast
  • Renter Agreement Signed trigger event
  • Exclude Listing Site/Property/Season criteria

Payment Status criteria

We've had a Paid in Full trigger event for awhile, and that works well for some situations. However, there were a lot of situations where you wanted to send the email on a certain date but only if the booking was paid in full. There were other cases where the booking got flagged as paid in full but wasn't -- like some listing site transaction imports.

The new Payment Status criteria handles those situations by allowing you to create a days before arrival trigger but only send it if the booking matches the paid in full criteria.

Combined with the next item -- send before triggers the first time criteria matches -- you can make a property details email that will go out a certain number of days before arrival, but only if the booking is paid in full. And if the booking were to be paid in full after that time it would send later rather than fizzling out.


  • Zero Booking Total: the total of the booking charges is $0. This can happen for bookings where you're not tracking an amount in OwnerRez, such as ones from listing sites, donated bookings, friends and family, etc. Using this criteria you can target those booking as well as the paid in full bookings.
  • Zero Paid: There is an amount due on the booking, but no payments.
  • Partially Paid: There is an amount due on the booking and some payments, but it's not paid in full.
  • Paid in Full: The booking has charges and they have been fully paid.

Send before triggers the first time criteria matches

In the past, date based triggers have always only executed once, on the day they are due. If they don't match the criteria for whatever reason on that day, or the booking is a last minute booking that was made after that day, the trigger is never sent.

We added a new option to run the first time criteria matches on before date events. This is the new default. This option will send the first time that the criteria matches between the initial day and the event day (i.e. arrival or departure). It'll only send once, but will have a chance to send after the initial day.

For example, if you have a trigger with this option enabled, for a welcome email template set to go out 14 days before arrival and a booking was made 10 days before arrival, the trigger would be sent the next day after the booking was made (9 days before arrival). Without this option, the trigger would never be sent because 14 days before arrival criteria would never match the booking.

Another example combined with the Payment Status criteria above. With a trigger set for Payment Status: Paid In Full, to go out 20 days before arrival, and send the first time the criteria matches. If the guest misses the last payment and doesn't make it until 15 days before arrival, that trigger would now be sent 14 days before arrival rather than fizzling out and never being sent.

Send create triggers on HomeAway/VRBO reservation import

Airbnb includes a proxy email address on their iCal feed, which our Calendar Import handles. This lets you set up a trigger for a request for contact info and renter agreement signature that goes out automatically.

HomeAway/VRBO does not include the email address in their iCal feed. Instead, we have an Import Bookings from HomeAway/VRBO function under Tools > Import/Export that populates the guest contact info.

We just added an option to send create triggers and/or booking confirmation emails when importing that file. You could always do that by hand before, but this will automatically send those emails when the guest email address is populated during the reservation import process.

Trigger Forecast

You've always been able to see the status of triggers on a booking by booking basis to see what's been sent, what will be sent later, and what can't be sent because criteria doesn't match, it was skipped, etc. But there was never a way to get a bird's eye view on what triggers were doing in the system and the overall emails that would be sent.

That changes today. While developing these changes, we started to build an internal debugging tool to check and make sure that all triggers were configured properly. We realized that it would be very useful for everyone, so we polished it up and added it to this release! To access it, go to Settings > Email Triggers and click the Forecast button.

This opens up the Forecast grid, which shows all triggers that may go out in future, when they will go out, or why they won't go out. You can click into any booking, template, or trigger to make changes.

You use the Batch button to do bulk skips or un-skips of triggers. The Filter button will winnow down the list to a specific template, trigger, property etc. and only view triggers sent for those specific options.

Renter Agreement Signed trigger event

We've had a trigger on renter agreement signed for a few months, but haven't announced it yet. This dovetails nicely with the option to send create triggers on HomeAway/VRBO reservation import. You can now create a request for contact info and renter agreement signature, send that out on booking create for Airbnb and HomeAway/VRBO, then create an additional booking completed template and send it out when the renter agreement has actually been signed.

Exclude Listing Site/Property/Season criteria

We've had these criteria on triggers for awhile, but there were only two options: All or Specific. Many times you want to target everything but a couple of listing sites or properties. So we split the criteria options for all of these to "All", "Everything but" and "Only". That lets you target everything you used to (All is the same as the old All, Only is the same as the old Specific). The new "Everything but" lets you target everything but a few listing sites, properties, seasons, etc.

This is currently available on Triggers and Taxes but will be applied to other items like Rates and Surcharges over time as well.

More Gallimaufry

We're now well into Fall, with the nights longer and the mornings crisper. Leaves are changing to brilliant colors, or perhaps already have. The perfect time for our monthly Gallimaufry.

Gallimaufry (n): A collection or hodgepodge of things with no apparent unifying theme.

Previous gallimaufries: June, July/August, September.

We've already announced Vacation Rental Tools, with TripAdvisor reviews download and import reviews from Excel. If you missed it, go read up on that and try it out!

New listing sites

Quote overlay for Ribbon

We added an overlay for the ribbon view that lets you view all quotes or open quotes. This gives you a visual indication of what periods are in demand and helps inform discounts, minimum stay rules etc.

Numbers & Imports

Building on our experience with the Airbnb transaction history import, we've added two new imports for HomeAway/VRBO: reservations and payment data. No longer will you have to copy/paste contact info or add numbers by hand. Instead, grab the export from HomeAway/VRBO, upload it into OwnerRez and everything will be merged and updated.

We also fleshed out the financial section for this so you can track payment fees and guest/host fees and roll up totals on reports. If you're a property manager, you can also track fees as non commissionable amounts and expense them back to the owner.


PM & Portal Access

We revamped the owner statements and portal access with a new Owner Revenue view and permission that shows commission and owner relevant amounts rather than full guest amounts. We also fleshed out the other permissions, added capabilities to move/delete blocked off time, and added header/footer theme templates and PDF download for statements.

  • Add owner revenue statement view with full commission tracking
  • Add owner statement header/footer templates (Theming section)
  • Add owner statement PDF download button
  • Add owner statement merge fields
  • Put block reason/title on popover behind portal access permissions
  • Add separate financial permission to give levels of access to view financial info on overview and statements
  • Honor add notes permission for creating blocks
  • Add move/delete block functionality on portal with permission

iCal import

  • Add option for importing only bookings. Default airbnb to true.
  • Add option for warn on cancel, always cancel if not
  • Add option for setting booking pending flag on create
  • Add option for skipping create triggers
  • Allow IncludePastBookings on edit
  • Don't send email on past bookings
  • Store related booking ids on calendar sync issue and display links in email
  • Collect emails on sync and only send if no exception
  • Reactivate canceled bookings instead of adding new if uid and dates match

Widgets & Hosted Sites

  • Add option on hosted single home page to show overview
  • Add option on hosted single photos page to show slider
  • Minify widget resources
  • Add message directing guest to send an inquiry when rates aren't found on the booking widget
  • Show errors immediately for quote without occupancy
  • Don't show holiday circle on booked multi month calendar days
  • Don't autopopulate departure date on book widget
  • Fix issue with zoomed in browser cutting off widget sizing

Everything else...

  • Add agreement selection to quote rules to select specific renter agreement
  • Allow checkout with no payment without going pending
  • Clarify how confirmation required works
  • Add form messages for checkout custom fields
  • Overhaul booking overview page
  • Add listing site criteria to tax
  • Add min nights column on seasons grid
  • Show existing custom field values on agreement sign
  • Expand multiline custom fields on checkout
  • Use standard date format for inquiry email subjects
  • Add French synonyms on inquiry parser
  • Add booking Created, Arrival and Departure as date-based fields to surcharge criteria
  • Add paid in full booking trigger event
  • Add nights summary field to booking summary report
  • Add option for showing canceled bookings on booking detail
  • Add cleaning date to stay reports
  • Fix total paid column on booking export, add refunded column
  • Add phone, state, country to search
  • Search all phones/emails/addresses on a guest not just the first
  • Show all phone/email on search results
  • Wire in booked type for OwnerRez iCal feeds
  • Link call log from call center dialer
  • Embed search in call center dialer on call connect
  • Show proper description on outgoing call dialog

Introducing the "Vacation Rental Tools" project and importing reviews in bulk

As great as our new Reviews feature is, we knew from the moment we released it that we would have to follow it up with some tools to help get reviews into the system faster.

Manual entry sucks! You don't want to have manually copy/paste every review you get into OwnerRez, so we set out designing ways of making it easier.  To that end, we have two big things to announce.

You can now import reviews in bulk using Excel.

The import screen is similar to, and located near, the other import screens and pretty self-explanatory.  Take a look at this support article for all the details:

Storing Reviews by Importing Them in Bulk Via Excel

But even though you can import via Excel, that still means you have to manually fill in the Excel spreadsheet, right?  That's where the next part comes in!

Introducing the new "Vacation Rental Tools" lab project!

For awhile now, we've been dreaming up a way of providing better tools and tighter integration with listing sites while not having to wait on listing sites to develop that access on their own.

"Vacation Rental Tools" is our answer to that problem.  It's a Chrome extension you can install in your browser that will provide you extra features for the listing sites you work with.  And it's free for everyone to use whether you're an OwnerRez customer or not!

Visit the new website at http://VacationRental.tools or take a look at these support articles:

If you use TripAdvisor, you'll be able to use Vacation Rental Tools to download an Excel file of all your TripAdvisor reviews in a click of a button.

That same Excel file can then be imported into OwnerRez in another click, meaning no manual entry.

Hundreds of reviews moved from TripAdvisor to OwnerRez in just a few seconds. Awesome, right?!

Get ready for more great browser tools coming to Vacation Rental Tools and help us spread the word!

Another month, another Gallimaufry

Following up on the Gallimaufry post from June, and July/August, here's what we've got for September.

Gallimaufry (n): A collection or hodgepodge of things with no apparent unifying theme.

One of the bigger features we've already announced was tracking and displaying reviews. We've got more to announce on reviews in the next couple of days, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

New listing sites

Overhauled renter agreement section

More docs on renter agreements can be found in our Renter Agreements and other legal agreements support article.

  • Allow setting agreement to sign when generating a link for the guest
  • Add listing site criteria on renter agreements so language can be altered for different listing site policies
  • Add verify contact info page on signing link (including booking checkout custom fields)
  • Require email address to be not a listing site double blind on contact info verification
  • Apply theme header/footer on booking forms

Portal access

  • Make calendar permissions a set of flags vs a level so they can be independently selected
  • Add allow all properties option
  • Add guest name permission for calendar and owner statements
  • Add notes button and permission

Hosted website

  • Enhanced loading snappyness on photo slider
  • If too many menu items to fit, put them in a more menu
  • If site name too wide, give it an ellipsis
  • Allow setting book now button caption via tab name

Mobile responsive enhancements for Bookings tab

  • 15 day view for ribbon mobile portrait
  • Allow left/right swiping to switch months
  • On ribbon, measure text and tighten up layout on small screens to save space
  • On month, make rows scrollable if too many bookings to fit
  • Layout buttons and filters to fit on one rows
  • Grid responsive to hide/show columns


And all of the other stuff...

  • Overhaul booking payments and refunds into new Transactions section
  • Add booking cleaning date
  • Hover headers on grid to make sort visible
  • Add datepicker to booking calendar picker
  • Show cc icons on booking forms if PayPal only
  • Export all season rates in their own season even if there are other seasons
  • Add listing site fee report
  • Add travel insurance filter on bookings grid
  • Update RemoteLock codes instead of new each time
  • Allow setting RemoteLock code
  • Add address to convert block to booking form
  • Add Airbnb transaction history import
  • Clarify that Air can do calendar sync
  • Add non commissionable amount on booking charges
  • Add booking charge linked expenses
  • Add nightly taxes
  • On date or property change on quote or booking, ask if charges should be recalced
  • If there are guest fees, ask to recalc charges when occupancy changes for quote or booking
  • Default expire and pending day extension box values
  • Add payment and secdep request email templates and compose buttons
  • Add merge fields for listing site
  • Order season selectors by date vs. name


Have you ever looked at the reviews you get on TripAdvisor, VRBO, Airbnb and Facebook, and wished you could collect and store those in one place?  And show them on your own personal website?

Now you can collect, store and display your reviews in OwnerRez through widgets and hosted websites!

One of our users stored 20 reviews and put the widget up.  Take a look.

We've built quite a bit of functionality into this, based on forward-thinking, and we have some upcoming features designed where we will be making the storing/entry part of this vastly easier (automatic imports, etc).  But no need to wait!  You can get started with this feature right away!

Take a look at the following support docs to get started.

What is OwnerRez?

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