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OwnerRez Ranked #1 by GetApps, Vrbo Missing Hot Tubs, HomeToGo White Paper, RemoteLock Promo

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Good news, it's Friday!

We'd like a moment to toot our own horn. GetApp has ranked us as the #1 vacation rental software for 2020! 😇 They rank the top business apps every year to help people choose the best option. App scores are determined by 5 factors, worth 20 points each, for a possible total of 100. OwnerRez received a score of 99!

We've had a few users reach out to us about Vrbo displaying their hot tub amenities as indoor whirlpools. Sure both have hot water in a tub, but they are very different amenities! Plus, some US accounts are missing the hot tub amenity entirely. We notified Vrbo and verified that this was indeed a bug, but good news - they have already fixed it and your hot tubs, whirlpools and other water features should be showing as they were before.

Earlier this week, we announced our integration with HomeToGo. If you haven't got around to checking them out yet, now is the time! They are currently running a Bounce Back Program with zero fees on all bookings until the end of March. Along with that, HomeToGo released their white paper, which talks about the future of travel for 2021. There are a lot of interesting statistics worth reading about. For example, cabin searches are up +148% compared to the previous year.

If you've ever thought about putting smart locks in your vacation rentals, now is the time! For a limited time, buy any smart lock and receive 25% off your RemoteLock software subscription. Use code UNLOCK25 at checkout. Check out all of their smart locks! Once you installed your smart lock, be sure to check out our support doc on how to integrate it with OwnerRez. Each time a booking is created, OwnerRez will automatically set the door lock code without you lifting a finger!