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New template for Booking Confirmation emails & new field codes

The Booking Confirmation email is the one that guests see right away after booking.  Its' the one that says "You've successfully booked...!" at the top.  It's now fully editable just like your other email templates.

If you had 'custom paragraphs' for the booking confirmation email before, that information has been preserved as a new field definition on your properties.

New Field Codes

The creation of the booking confirmation email template created the need for changed or additional field codes:

  • BGEMAIL:  Changed to display all of the guest's email addresses on the booking
  • BGEMAILPRIME:  Added to display the single primary guest email address on the booking
  • BBINFO:  Added to display billing overview information to the guest (used in the Billing Details paragraph in the Booking Confirmation email)
  • PADDRUG:  Added to display a link to the property address in Google Maps
  • PADDRUY:  Added to display a link to the property address in Yahoo Maps
  • PADDRUB:  Added to display a link to the property address in Bing Maps
  • PADDRUM:  Added to display a link to the property address in Mapquest
  • PXEMAILPARAGRAPHS:  Added as a custom field code to any user who had Custom Email Paragraphs for the Booking Confirmation email

These new fields codes are available anywhere you are editing a template or legal agreement.

In the near future, you will be able to use these within Form Themes as well.

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