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New support area with articles and search

We've just released a new support area and filled it with a new list of support articles.  At the moment, we're still working on writing all the articles, but we wanted to release the layout so that we could get your feedback as early as possible.

New support area

Are some of these articles more important than others?  Are there articles not listed that you would like to see included?  Special topics that should be broken down into more detail?

At the top you'll notice a search bar that will help you find articles that are relevant to your problem.  At the moment, the results of the search aren't terribly useful because the support articles aren't finished being written.  Once the articles are finished, the results will become much more relevant.  Our search engine is only as smart as the content it's given.

Searching the support area

In addition to support articles and blog posts, our search engine will return relevant results from forum discussions so if you'd like to contribute some useful information of your own, create a discussion in the forums.

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