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New Feature Indicator and Lots o' Bug Fixes!

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Did you know that IBM's own Personal Computer 🖥️ (IBM 5150) was introduced 41 years ago in August 1981? 

During that time, one analyst was quoted as saying that "IBM bringing out a personal computer would be like teaching an elephant to tap dance." A lot has changed in 41 years!

We're not so sure about elephants tap dancing but we do know that personal computers, and other devices, are not only ubiquitous but now are necessary to run your successful vacation rental business today. While you ponder all that--shuffle, ball change on through this product update detailing our August 5th release with 7 updates and August 12th release with 12 updates!

Enhancements & Tweaks

New OwnerRez Feature Indicators

We are always rolling out new features at such a quick pace that sometimes it's hard to keep up!

To make it easier for our users, we are now using a  indicator for new feature areas. These new feature indicators will automatically expire after 6 months.

Bug Fixes

Airbnb Booking Trigger Error. Airbnb Bookings were generating a change trigger rather than a booking trigger for cleaners. This has been corrected.

Allow Updating of Expiration Dates on Stripe Token Card Transactions. The system was requiring the security code (CVV) to be updated for any Stripe transaction card changes which was causing headaches for guests. While it is possible to have the guest re-enter the full credit card details, OwnerRez users can now update Stripe transaction card expiration dates without requiring the security code (CVV) to be updated.

Auto Review Submissions Action Log Added. The ReviewSubmitterService was not pushing logs or requests so they just sitting on the service host filling up the drive. Not only was this not great for scaling, but it was also difficult to locate request logs if needed.  A sync action log was added for automatic review submissions so we can have greater clarity on when and what type of review is submitted.

Counts Cannot Have Decimals. We released the new Deposit Summary report and then noticed that the payment and refund count columns were showing decimal places... That doesn't make any sense, so we fixed that.

Fix Error on "View changes" After Changing a Hosted Website Template. A "View changes" link was erroneously displayed after selecting a new template. This button should not be displayed and has been removed.

Fix Portal Site Certificate Issue After Domain Name Change. Users were experiencing intermittent errors with their Portal Site Certificates after a domain name change. This has been fixed.

Fix Portal User Viewing Extra Empty Pages. We found a bug that permitted a portal user to view empty owner pages. To be clear, they could not see any details on those pages, but they could still open them. We fixed this so it redirects such requests back to a "you don't have access to that" page.

Fix Quote Conversation View. Quotes stated that they were "sent" in the conversation view even if they weren't actually sent. We have updated the language to state that quotes are "created" as an indicator to users that the created quote has not yet been sent.

Guest Conversation Email History Error. Sometimes users encountered that when going to a Guest Conversation, it wasn't rendering the body of the triggered message after expanding it, and instead displayed "Couldn't find that! A EmailBody does not exist for this ID". But later after the guest conversation page had sat for a long while and the page refreshed, the conversation loaded were fine. This bug has been fixed.

In Period Custom Column Percentage. The percent in the period column was rounding to 0 decimals rather than the desired 2 decimals. This has been corrected and the Owner remittance in the In Period custom column percentage was corrected to round to 2 decimals.

Not a Number (NaN) Error When Setting Rates. A user received "Not a Number (NaN)" error when setting rates. We have added an additional check to resolve this issue.

Retry Converge Payments That Fail. On rare occasions, payments processed by Converge failed without any explanation. After discussing the problem in-depth with Converge support, we decided to implement a single retry in these cases. We'll continue to keep an eye on it. Contact the OwnerRez Help Team if you continue to see this problem.

Search Widget Form Property Search Results Error. OwnerRez developers recently became aware of a bug that occurs when you change the multi-property search criteria after having navigated to the second (or further) page. The results display the revised matching property count but don't show any properties in-page if the results are less than what fits back on the first page. This bug has been fixed to always go back to page one when submitting a search widget form.

Security Deposit Transaction Set to 0 days Before Arrival Should be Visible. If you have a Security Deposit Transaction property rule set to 0 days before arrival, either a hold or recurring saving deposit (RSD) property, the security deposit wasn't showing on guest booking transactions. This has been fixed and Security Deposit Transactions set to 0 days before arrival will display on guest booking transactions.

Trim Extra Spaces Around Names in Billing Information. Additional spaces can lead to card transaction errors. We have trimmed both leading and trailing whitespaces off first and last name billing information.

Tweak Reports Date Range Picker. The reports' date range picker was finicky so we unlinked the calendars. This allows them to move them independently and selected dates are now clearly displayed at the bottom of the Date Range Picker.

Vrbo Property Mapping Error for Request to Book Property Override. Properties should be able to be included on the Vrbo channel if it is set with property overrides for Request to Book for both Vrbo and Airbnb, even though the same property is listed on Airbnb which takes Instant Bookings. This property mapping error has now been remedied.

WordPress Bathroom Count Fixed. We "fixed" the bathroom math for hosted websites, but in doing so broke the auto-mapped bath count on the v1 API result used by WordPress. This has been fixed and the auto-mapped WordPress bathroom math count breakdown is now correct.