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New affiliate program, setup interview, add properties in bulk

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New Affiliate Program

Users have been asking for a way to refer others to OwnerRez, and now you can!  Under the My Account area (top right button), you'll see a new Affiliate Program option.  Join up and start earning money for the users you refer!

New Setup Interview

As part of an ongoing effort to make on-boarding easier for new users, we've created a new setup interview

Why does this matter to you (an old user)?  You might be curious how it looks or want to step through it again to see if there's any information you want to change.  You can do that from the My Account drop-down at the top right.

At the moment, the new setup interview is fairly small and quick to complete.  We mostly concentrated on the big areas of entry and the underlying framework underneath it.  We will be expanding the setup interview with quite a bit more content and questions in the near future.

Add Properties in Bulk

Adding properties to OwnerRez has gotten much easier.  Adding a single property only requires a name - even the address is optional - and you can now enter properties in bulk so that 10 or 15 come in at once.

Have a spreadsheet or text file with property names?  You can copy/paste from those files as well.

New Date Range Selector for the Inquiry Widget

We monitor all widget activity closely, and we've noticed in the past that some guests make bad date selections out of confusion.  We've changed the date selector for the Arrival and Departure fields to use a new control that shows two months at once and shows the selected range as the mouse moves.  The coloring and styling is a lot clearer in terms of unavailable dates, holidays and more.

Other Changes

Few other changes we slipped into this release:

  • Fixed bug in check payment method rules where arrival days would supersede credit card payment methods
  • Added Month as an option to the list of non-custom enumerated rate types, default of 30 nights
  • Added Is Taxable option to all rates, defaulted to true, that allows you to specify if tax should apply like with Surcharges & Discounts
  • Overhauled encryption
  • Fixed the Payment Details report so that multiple future scheduled payments would not calculate to more than the booking total for 'remaining balance' types
  • Fixed issue with grids pushing the top menu out too wide on mobile screens
  • Fixed 3-cal widget to default to the right colors for holiday and today
  • Fixed input width for Days In Future in the property rules
  • Fixed styling issues in Firefox for various entry forms
  • Fixed top menus to show correct selection for settings pages
  • Changed the date selection calendars, on the Change Date page for bookings, to show the selected month by default when selected dates are in the future
  • Upgraded and modernized SSL
  • Changed validation watermarks to not show checkmark since it's misleading
  • Added validation to quote acceptance to make sure USA based addresses have valid zip code
  • Removed search and hamburger from top menu when in setup interview and not complete