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Midsummer Updates Part 3 - More Fields and Tags on Stay Reports, Expense Status on Expense Report, Bug Fixes

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Happy Friday morning, everyone! ☕️ Ready for Part 3 of the Midsummer Updates series?  Here we go!  This one is small like the last one and covers 23 updates from the week of July 19th.

Enhancements & Tweaks

This update is bug-heavy again, but let's first hit a couple cool little enhancements to our reports.

We know that our custom fields are long overdue for an overhaul and several additional features, and that's coming!  Just FYI on that - we're planning to update the create/edit screens as well as data type (number, date, pick-list, etc) for custom fields, and then update the filter and use of them on the back side.  For this update, we worked on expanding how custom fields and tags are shown on Stays reports.

To see it in action, run over to the Stays reports section of the global Reports menu and click on the Stays By Date Range report.  You'll see some top options for Tags and Custom Fields:

The options should be pretty self explanatory, but they basically involve how you want tags and custom field data rendered when you see the report.  Do you want a single column showing all the fields jammed together, kind of like a description or story of details together?  If so, select that option, and you'll see something like this:

If you'd rather have each tag and field broken out to its own column in a tabular format.  This can useful where you have a lot of short, simple data points across all bookings, or where you want to export to Excel and do analysis and you need field and tag data separated in columns.  That option looks like this:

The other reporting update is on expense reports  You can now see the Expense Status column on the Expense Detail report.  The status (eg. never remitted, fully remitted, pre-deducted) was added to the main expenses list in a recent update, but we never added it to reports.  We just addressed that so you can now see it there too.

Bug Fixes

Space it out!  SMS and Airbnb messages with attachments can get unreadable, so we added some line breaks before the attachment download link. Sometimes "spacey" is a good thing!

"Unpaid" isn't always a bad thing.  We noticed that credit invoices (ie. invoices that don't need to be paid because your OwnerRez account has a over-payment balance) were still showing an ugly red "unpaid" badge on them.  Technically, "unpaid" is correct because no payment was made on those invoices, but there didn't need to be because the account was in credit. We fixed this to notice if the account has a credit balance and not show the unpaid badge.

{BCRE} time zone.  We noticed that the {BCRE} field code was rendering the booking's created date/time in universal time instead of the user's account time zone. We fixed this to render out the time in the correct user time zone.

Manually-sent triggers drop attachments.  You can manually send a trigger message on any booking at any time.  Previously, however, the process of manually sending the trigger would send a message without any attachments.  It would show the attachment but when the message went out, the attachment wasn't there.  All better now!

Updating rates not immediately updating channels.  We found and fixed a small (very small) scenario where some rate changes weren't updating channels right away as they typically do.  No need to worry (and run over to the channels and check your rates).  This was very rare and only occurred where property mappings hadn't happened yet.  Also, it only affected the immediate part of the channel update.  There are background updates that also happen throughout the day.  But regardless, it's all fixed now.

Channel history crashing.  An eagle-eyed user pointed out that some channel messages would crash, and we noticed it as well.  This was caused by how our channel and messaging history systems archive and store data.  All fixed now!

Always use channel bridge guest details if available.  When you do a channel bridge import, you want the details of that import to overwrite what's in OwnerRez for guest counts... now it does.

QuickBooks classes now tracked against invoices as well as invoice lines.  QuickBooks Online allows you to specify if you wish to track the class against each transaction (invoice) or against each transaction line. Going forward, OwnerRez now supports both methods.

Don't suggest (or crash when) upgrading inactive Stripe payment methods.  If you had both an active and an inactive Stripe payment method with the same Stripe account ID, upgrading the active one to Stripe Connect could error in some cases.  We fixed this to no longer error, and we no longer show a message suggesting that you upgrade if the payment method is already inactive.  What's the point, right?

Reset selection when changing properties.  If you select some rates on the rate calendar and then change properties, those rates remained selected until you selected new rates on the subsequent property. This could result in setting the wrong rate unintentionally. Fixed it by resetting the rate selection anytime the a different property is selected.

Remove door code confirmation if no code exists.  We got too eager on confirming those door code generates... if no code has been created, there's no need to confirm that you want to generate a code.

Validate that "Shown on Owner Statement" is Yes for Owner or Property expenses imported by Excel.  In a recent update, we banned non-booking (ie. general) expenses from being pre-deducted.  But users could still import expenses via Excel or API with pre-deduct turned on.  We now validate that pre-deduct isn't turned on when importing or creating expenses via other methods.

Prevent partial failures when updating property rules.  In some cases, updating property rules could fail in part, resulting in a corrupt status. We've cleaned that up now.

ORPx? We got you!  We now support Excel imports using the "ORPxxxx" formatted property IDs commonly found on channel integrations.

Validate that card type is accepted for tokenized Stripe payment methods.  This was a regression introduced when we upgraded Stripe recently. We'll resume blocking card types you mark as disallowed.

Don't save new cards details when they fail payment capture.  In some rare cases, a guest could enter bad card details which we would store even if the card failed payment authorization! Now you have bad billing info in OwnerRez, and that's never good! All fixed.