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Link redirection removed from emails

You may have noticed that links in our emails sometimes take awhile to load.  Sometimes they don't load at all.  You get a nasty "Service Unavailable" blurb.

Only a few customers have noticed this, but it has definitely occured from time to time.

This isn't caused by OwnerRez but by a link redirection feature we turned in with our email vendor.  Basically, when emails are sent to you by us, our email vendor transcodes all the links in the email so that you temporarily access their website before being redirected to us.  This allows them to record who has clicked which links in which emails and, in turn, provides us with some flashy reports.

While the reports are nice to see, they're certainly not worth having a sometimes-slow, sometimes-unavailable click for you.

So we've turned it off.

From now on, all the links you see in OwnerRez email will go directly to our site and not through a third-party redirect.  We apologize for any slow clicks you've had in the past.

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