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Integration with Parakeet

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Hi everyone, we'd like to announce that we now support Parakeet door locks!

For those of you that don't know, Parakeet has a platform that can automate door locks, thermostats, sensors, garage doors and more.

Like our other door lock integrations, OwnerRez will automatically create door codes for your Parakeet door locks when bookings are created, changed or deleted in OwnerRez.  OwnerRez will drive your Parakeet door locks - no need to lift a finger!

Learn how to Integrate Parakeet door locks with Your OwnerRez Account.

About Parakeet

Parakeet, recently acquired by Brivo (the global leader in cloud-based physical security solutions,) is now Brivo Smart Home. Parakeet's reliable cellular gateway and cloud-based dashboard enable property managers to control locks, garage doors, thermostats and monitoring sensors from one central, cloud-based dashboard, accessible from any computer or smartphone. Parakeet’s platform also collects data for property managers to track, monitor and manage their staff.