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Integration with Hostfi

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We are excited to announce our partnership with Hostfi to offer our OwnerRez users a smart banking provider specifically for short-term rental managers that helps you manage payouts and expenses easily.


About Hostfi

Hostfi is a smart banking provider specifically for short-term rental managers that helps you manage expenses across properties with Visa Commercial Cards, automate accounting to save countless hours, and open FDIC-insured operating and trust accounts that reconcile with your booking data for payouts.

Issue team and contractor Visa Business Debit Cards with custom spending limits and allow your team to attach receipts and properties to transactions automatically over text or through the Hostfi dashboard. No app needed! Utilize same-day inbound and outbound ACH and wire transfers for free.

(Receipt matching and property matching via text preview for quick expense management)


  • Automatically import your OwnerRez property list to Hostfi for easy expense categorization
  • Download your Hostfi expense transactions list as a CSV categorized by property in the correct OwnerRez format for instant upload in the OwnerRez dashboard at any time
  • Automatically view all your booking revenue payouts to your FDIC-insured Hostfi accounts categorized by property, booking dates, and status with OwnerRez booking data so you can reconcile instantly
(Booking data integration preview for incoming payouts)


Hostfi charges short-term rental managers no fees including no fees to open accounts, issue cards, or send same-day ACH/wires. Instead, they make money from merchants when you use their cards. More details can be found here.

Start Using Hostfi

Get started with Hostfi by visiting the Hostfi website and checking out the OwnerRez support doc for how to integrate OwnerRez with Hostfi.