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Imported bookings are now free!

Our new import tools have been really popular.  Turns out, everyone wants to use our awesome reporting to look at their old records (or data in other systems).  Yay!

But we quickly heard the same question from lots of people - are the imported bookings going to cost me?  And the answer was yes.  That stopped a lot of people from importing historical data.  After all, you might have a thousand bookings to bring in, which means a heck of an invoice.

Not anymore!

Now, imported bookings are free.  Whether they're imported by iCal or Excel or some other format, they won't cost you anything.  Your monthly invoice now shows a new line item for "imported bookings" and they'll be free like blocked-off time.

And keep sending feedback about the import process.  We've fixed or enhanced dozens of things over the past week since everyone started using it.  Let us know what else you run into that doesn't work or that hangs you up.

The fastest, most-professional way to book is with OwnerRez, the leader in online vacation rental software.  Sign up for your free account!

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Mar 23, 16
11:24 am
Sarah F says:

I am trying to onboard to Ownerrez (moving over from Kigo) and I have 113 bookings to import which are future bookings for this year, so I need to keep all the renter details within the booking.

I know using the ical import won't import the booking data, which is fine - my plan was to import the dates, then add the details manually.
However the import function BLOCKS OFF the dates, it doesn't create a booking that I can edit and add the data.

If I add each booking manually, will I be charged? I have already paid for each booking in Kigo, I don't want to have to pay twice.

Any help with the unboarding process greatly appreciated.

Mar 23, 16
11:38 am
Michelle J says:

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for reaching out!

It sounds like you'd want to us our Excel import (Tools > Import Bookings from Excel) instead of the iCal import. Our Excel import gives you the ability to import a lot more booking detail and preserves all the information you're talking about.

Does Kigo have any export options you can use to prepare your bookings in Excel? CSV would work too if they have that. You can convert CSV to Excel very easily.

Imported bookings are free, but manually created bookings are not. However, if you're still in the first 30 days, which you appear to be, then ALL bookings are free no matter how they are entered.

Is there anything else I can help you with?


Mar 23, 16
12:58 pm
Sarah F says:

Hi, thanks for the fast reply
So if for some reason I can't get an excel export from Kigo, if I manage to input all my bookings manually within the 30 day period I won't be charged? That's what I understood from your post but just want to be sure.

Mar 23, 16
2:07 pm
Michelle J says:

Yes, that's exactly right. You are not charged for anything done in the first 30 days.


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