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If you use FlipKey syncing, login and answer security questions

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Right on the heels of HomeAwayConnect changing their website yesterday, FlipKey also recently made a small update that is causing syncing to be thrown off, though only on a case by case basis.

We've been responding to individual users about this over the past 24 hours, but I wanted to blog it to explain what was going on.

FlipKey added a set of security questions to their website such that every FlipKey user is asked to provide security answers immediately upon logging in.  You cannot get past their login screen without answering those questions.  It looks like this:

flipkey new security questions

Why did this stop OwnerRez from syncing to FlipKey?

Our sync service logs in and accesses the FlipKey dashboard the same way a regular human would, so if you can't see the dashboard, we can't either.

FlipKey's website is blocking all access to regular dashboard pages until the security questions are answered.  Thus, our sync service is blocked too.

What happens after I answer the questions?

After you provide FlipKey with the security answers, everything should be back to normal.  No sync code had to be updated on our side.  You only need to answer the security questions.

If we've contacted you about failing FlipKey syncs in the past 24 hours, you may want to reset the sync so that it verifies all bookings.  To do that, navigate to your property, open the FlipKey sync, remove it and re-add it.  That will automatically trigger a verification action.  This is only necessary if you've created bookings in the past 24 hours and you've gotten emails from us stating that FlipKey syncing failed.