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How to use a Handyman and Housekeeper/Cleaner

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There are many ways to go about hiring people to take care of your vacation rental. They can range from property management companies to a caretaker/housekeeper, to yourself being the cheapest option, but not the most time savvy.

Some of the benefits to property management companies include taking a lot of the worry and hassle out of letting people in and out and watching over or hiring the housekeepers and handymen.

When deciding on a handyman, you should be consistent and try to use the same person or company every time. Make a checklist for them to go over so you can be proactive and prevent many of the problems like leaky pipes or a broken ice maker before they become costly issues. Also, try to choose one that is available 24 hours in case of emergencies.

Another option that people like to use is having a neighbor watch your rental. You can set up some sort of arrangement so you always have someone you can rely on in case of emergencies and to help reduce the chances of criminal nuisance. This can range from a certain fee or trade to watch their property when they are out of town.

Having multiple options is a bonus. Remember that your goal is to have positive cash flow. If a property management is not in your budget, you can trade with your handyman or housekeeper. Reserving them off peak times in your calendar for services they provide can be a very cost effective way of minimizing overhead. Plus you gain a customer.