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Hotel Software Glitches, Newport Beach Sets Limits, Airbnb Sues Guest, Blockbuster Is On Airbnb

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Happy Friday Everyone!🌴

A three-star hotel in Cornwall is charging £1,500 a night for a room that typically costs between £135 and £170. The room isn’t available anyway, it’s fully booked! Hotel manager Gary Ricketts explained that a glitch in their booking system has allowed rooms that are unavailable to be rented out to guests via online vendors. Jacking up the rates seems to be the only way to ensure there are no more disappointed customers. Too bad they don’t use OwnerRez...

In Newport Beach CA, the City Council placed multiple limitations on vacation rentals, during their July 14th meeting. The restrictions include the number of people allowed inside the home. Owners must provide a plan outlining mitigation measures for problematic guests. Also any guest complaints must be addressed by the property manager or owner, in person, within 30 minutes. The city has also stated they are working to limit illegal rentals. 

There’s a first time for everything... Earlier this month three people were shot after a late night party, held at a Sacramento-area Airbnb rental, that got out of hand. Airbnb is pursuing legal claims and damages against the guest who held the party. This is the first time Airbnb has initiated legal proceedings against a guest for throwing an unauthorized party. Currently the specifics of what Airbnb will do is unclear, but this marks a serious change in how it deals with renters who disobey the rules.

Deschutes County OR holds the very last Blockbuster store in the world. This summer, store manager Sandi Harding, has decided to list the property on Airbnb for a sleepover experience. Starting August 17th, those living in Deschutes County can request to book one-night reservations, which will take place on September 18, 19, and 20. The one-night stay costs just $4, or just about the cost of a video rental. What other stores do you think will start hosting vacation rentals?