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Holiday settings for Fridays, Mondays and "All Weekend"

Have you ever noticed that your holiday settings and rules don't kick in right because someone left the day before a holiday?  For instance, the guest books Memorial Day weekend but they depart on Sunday (not Monday) so OwnerRez doesn't think it's a holiday booking.  You and I know that it is, but the software lets it go by.

You can not configure your holiday settings to stretch across weekends depending on which day the holiday falls on.

Go to Settings > Holidays and click the top Change button.  You'll notice that a section for Friday and Monday has been added.

But notice the options available.  You can now select this little guy:

To be clear, this does not mean that the guest will be charged multiple times for the same holiday.  It's still just one holiday even if the booking hits on all four days.

Notice on your calendar, that the holiday now shows across the holiday.

We encourage users to set the "all weekend" option on all four day types: Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon.  Holiday weekends always have a lot more demand than normal weekends.  Anyone booking on those weekends should be subject to your holiday rules and fees, even if the guest leaves before the actual holiday.

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