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Hawaii Vacation Rentals Outperform Hotels, Top Places To Buy Vacation Rentals, Oregon Climate Emergency, Shortyz Awards

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Happy Friday!

This week we had our webinar with Beyond (formerly Beyond Pricing) where we discussed the new era of dynamic pricing. You can watch the entire replay here.

Vacation rentals in Hawaii continue to have higher occupancy than hotels. In March, 62.3% of units throughout the state were occupied, which is only slightly lower than it was back in 2020. Hotels reported only 43% occupancy for the month of March.

Thinking about purchasing a vacation home? Some of the top locations according to LawnStarter’s rankings include Shelbyville KY, Brooksville FL and Buffalo NY. Vacation rentals have been a hot commodity during the pandemic. Many people find them more appealing than staying in a hotel, especially for longer periods of time. The average owner of a vacation rental rakes in around $33,000 a year!

The Oregon Coast Visitors Association joined tourism agencies worldwide in declaring a “climate emergency.” This is the first step in their plans to help the tourism industry and vacation rentals reduce their impact on the environment. The main goal is to provide businesses with a blueprint for how to reduce their carbon footprint. All recommendations are voluntary and were implemented to encourage more environmentally-friendly business practices. 

The second annual Shortyz Awards took place virtually this year, with record-breaking attendance and winners announced from every category, ranging from Sustainability to the Best Property Management System. The Shortyz awards are meant to recognize excellence among peers and highlight the best practices in the industry. Over 400 entries were received across all 18 categories, and more than 69,000 votes were cast. Maybe we should enter next year...😉 

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Apr 27, 2021 12:49 PM
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every time I read the "best cities" type of stuff, I chuckle. Who TH will buy in Cleveland as a VR? People are fleeing big cities in droves for a number of reasons. And several places on the list I have never even head of.. and probably neither did the tourists.
Climate emergency? it is mostly called "weather". On the other hand, they should get busy stopping CHINA, not Oregon, from polluting, if they REALLY care.