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Gallimaufry of July and August enhancements

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We got great feedback on the Gallimaufry post from June, so I figured it should become a recurring series. We do announcement posts for the larger features, but there are so many small ones that can get lost in the chatter if they're not called out and recognized.

Gallimaufry (n): A collection or hodgepodge of things with no apparent unifying theme.

First, the big features we've already announced over the past couple of months:

New regional listing site: New York Rental By Owner

Hosted Websites

We've done a ton of work on our Hosted Websites since we released them back in January and will continue making them better. Keep those ideas coming!

Here are the recent additions:

  • Video/iFrame embedding on pages. HT David K, Kent M.

    Check out what they've done with our hosted websites -- both have done a bang up job of including videos that make you feel like you are already on vacation:
  • Uploading photos and files on pages
  • Add css setting to allow advanced control of layout and styles. HT David K.
  • Full screen content editing
  • Page title option
  • Hide page tab option
  • Allow scripts in footers to enable additional analytics, etc.


The availability/property search widget we released in June was one of our most widely requested widgets. We released some solid updates to that this month, as well as a brand new and fully rewritten multiple month calendar widget that subsumes the 3 month calendar and year calendar widgets to a much more flexible and responsive widget.

  • New multiple month calendar that supports 1 to 24 months and uses responsive display to adapt to all screen sizes. Merge year calendar and 3 month calendar into the multiple month calendar. HT -- too many to list.
  • Show legend on ribbon calendar widget
  • Support display culture on inquiry widget and multi month calendar widget. HT Craig H.
  • Make rates responsive down on phones instead of across on the table
  • Listing overrides for sleeps and rate (property info tab). HT Barb S.
  • Search widget option to hide rate and min sleeps
  • Add css setting to allow advanced control of layout and styles
  • Search widget option to display results on second page. HT Lissa Y.
  • Break the book widget dates to two rows on phones
  • Remind guests to check their spam folder when they send an inquiry from the book now widget. HT Michael H.


  • Add check in/out times to stay reports
  • Add group by booking to line item summary report. HT John R.
  • Add reference columns to tax summary report. HT Chris P.
  • Add line item detail report
  • Add listing site filter to booking detail and summary reports

Lists, Grids, and Filters

  • Security deposit status filter on booking grid. HT ShenRent.
  • Add inquiry grid bulk mark as read/answered buttons. HT Brandon M.
  • Add listing site column and filter to bookings grid
  • Add booking status filter on booking grid and make column display clearer
  • Add payment status filter on booking grid
  • Add clear all filters button on all grids
  • Add email address and has email address filters on booking grid

All of the smaller stuff

  • Show actual values from entities (bookings etc.) on legal agreement and email template previews instead of using sample values. Sample values still used if no entity exists yet.
  • Show travel insurance deadlines to guest, in emails, and to owner in booking section
  • Automatically send travel insurance email to guests that request travel insurance but pay with a non-credit card method like PayPal or check
  • Automatically purchase travel insurance if selected on confirmation required bookings with first payment
  • Rename Seasonal season type to Recurring to clarify the difference
  • Enhance rates import/export
  • Show credit card icons and names if PayPal is enabled but no separate credit card payments are enabled. HT Dave.
  • Add calendar sync execution order and extend/overwrite option to handle properties with multiple areas that can be rented together or separately (lock off). HT Barb S, Kerry H.
  • Sync calendars every hour instead of a couple times per day
  • Populate listing site booking ids on calendar import for Airbnb and FlipKey/TripAdvisor
  • Link out to Airbnb reservation page from calendar imported bookings
  • Add BARRDAY and BDEPDAY merge fields for day of the week
  • Make check times granular to 15 minute intervals
  • Refer to Futon as a Sleeper Sofa. HT Amanda C.
  • Grey out blocked off times on ribbon view by default, add setting to user preferences to control. HT Kerry H.
  • Recategorize settings section
  • Put today highlight on standard date pickers. HT ShenRent.
  • Offer $50 off LockState products in our Door Locks section

Thanks to all of our loyal users who suggested many of these features!