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Full integration for eRentalLock door locks

We're excited to announce that OwnerRez now fully integrates with eRentalLock door locks!  We've been testing this integration in a small beta for about a month now, and it's ready to go for everyone!

If you have an eRentalLock door lock already, it's extremely easy to integrate.  Go to Settings > Door Locks and walk through the process.

We've written a comprehensive support article about everything you need to know from end to end.  Check that out here:

Integration for eRental Door Locks

We cover things like:

  • Code generation, both automatic and manual
  • Generating codes for bookings in bulk
  • The field codes to use in your email templates so that the door codes are automatically sent to guests
  • A sample email template the full eRentalLock operating instructions for your guests


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4 Comments (add yours)

Apr 27, 17
12:33 pm
BlueMtnCabins says:

Love the integration. set up was easy too!

Sep 26, 17
9:20 am
BlueMtnCabins says:

Question about grace period: I set 1 hour - will that cover upcoming Daylight savings time change? Right now the ERL gives me some warning on their site about 1 hr difference...Does 1 hr grace go before-and after the set time? thanks

Sep 29, 17
5:02 pm
Chris Hynes says:

Yes, that's exactly what grace period does. It's subtracted from check-in and added to check-out.

You may want to do more than an hour just to be safe. I use a 3 hour grace period on my properties -- I'd rather give the guest a bit of flexibility in case they forget something at the property or something like that, rather than them having to call me.

Sep 29, 17
10:19 pm
BlueMtnCabins says:

I do not have a luxury of 3 hrs as I have a lot of same day turns...Will try 2 hrs.

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