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Calendar view for bookings

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Have you ever wished you could see your bookings overlayed on a calendar instead of a plain grid?  So have we.  While the grid is useful for scanning some of the details, 90% of the time you want a calendar view to show you where the bookings occur and which days are still open.  And you want to see it right away when you login.

Welcome to the new Bookings Calendar View.

Calendar view for bookings

You can use this new view to quickly scroll from one month to the next and see which dates are still open and for which properties.  To drill into a booking, just click on it.  If the booking is too small to see all the details, hover over it with your mouse to see the rest of the text.

On the left side of the calendar, you'll notice a few other new features.

Options and filters on bookings calendar

The Property Filter is exactly what it looks like.  If you uncheck a property, all bookings for that property will disappear from the calendar.

The buttons above it give you quick access to the things you do the most - create a quote or bookings for your guests.  These options still exist in the tab drop-down menus if you'd rather access them there.

We're working hard on making the calendar do other things.  For instance, we'd like to be able to click on an open day and create a booking (or quote) in place without navigating away to a different page.  Please share your thoughts on what you like or dislike and other features we should add.