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Calendar not showing new bookings?

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Over the past few days, a number of users have noticed that their OwnerRez calendar has not been showing new bookings, only old ones.  Or, more accurately, it would take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours for new bookings to appear.  At the same time, they knew the bookings were there because the grid view showed them and they received email alerts when the booking was created.

This issue has now been found and fixed by the dev team.

If you're curious, the bug was introduced in the 1.1 release of last week.  About 25% of all users were affected based on the age of their account.

Because of the severity of the bug, we did a full release yesterday afternoon to get this corrected.

Even with the new release out, you may still need to do a "hard refresh" so that your browser updates properly.  To do that, open OwnerRez to the main calendar page, and click the F5 key on your keyboard four or five times in a row.  In some browsers, like Internet Explorer, clicking Ctrl + F5 does a deeper refresh.  If that still doesn't work, tell your browser to delete its cache in the settings area.  After the hard refresh, you should not need to do this ever again.

Also in this release, a number of email changes were made that will be explained later by Sam.  If you click on the Email menu, you'll see the new stuff.  We went ahead and released the email changes as well since they were ready to go out.