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Bug Fixes Only for the December 9 Product Update

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Happy Wednesday! The product update is really tiny this week - just a couple bug fixes - so we'll knock that out lickety split, and everyone can get back to their lunch.

Bug Fixes

Rate table and LOS calculations. As mentioned frequently over the past few weeks, the rate table widget now has a number of options for what columns to shown (eg. week, month) and how to calculate those amounts.  We noticed, though, that some week and month discounts were showing even though a LOS discount was never defined.  That can happen if your spots rates make the weekly or monthly amounts smaller than the nightly average during the same time period, and the rate table showed that as a percent (%) discount.  We changed this so that it will never try to show a discount unless you actually define one.

Currency symbols in charges editor.  When selecting surcharges from the Item column in the charges editor, the amount often shows in the surcharge description depending on how the surcharge is calculated.  We noticed that some currency symbols were being encoded and not showing correctly, particularly EUR and GBP currency symbols.  This is now fixed!

Backwards headers in Excel Expense Import. When importing Expenses, there's a column for whether the expense should be marked as pre-deducted or reimbursed, only the import was doing the opposite of what was specified.  It now works correctly.

Hosted website exact map locations. Did you know you can select exact vs. approximate location for your properties on your website map pages? You can set it based on the property default settings or customize it on the website page itself.  However, we noticed that the 'exact' setting wasn't actually... exact.  All good now!

Merging guest email messages. OwnerRez allows you to merge guest records which is really helpful because many duplicate guest records are often created in the CRM area.  However, we noticed that conversation history (eg. email messages) were not properly merging when the guest records were merged, so we fixed that.  The entire conversation should now merge across.

Deleting bookings and Damage Protection policies. There was a rare case where bookings were allowed to be deleted with active Damage Protection policies in place. We fixed this so that those bookings can only be cancelled now (so that the DP history is retained for billing reversal).