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Any of you nice people want to work for OwnerRez? I mean officially; not just on Facebook 😀

Over the past year, OwnerRez has experienced a lot of growth.  Even during the covid hysteria, we've continued to grow at a fast pace.  We know we owe some of that growth to our awesome users because you talk to each other and spread the word.

Some of you have jokingly mentioned that you should be on the payroll.  Well now... maybe you will be.

As we grow, it’s very important to us that we maintain the high quality of support that we are known for.  So, what better place to find new employees than among our clients, who already know what OwnerRez can do?

We are looking to fill several positions in online support - basically, the other end of the help@ email you know and love. 😉

Software development skills are not required, nor does it matter where you live, as OwnerRez is an entirely-virtual company.

All that’s needed is a a warm personality, knowledge of OwnerRez, a decent computer and Internet connection, and a reasonable place to work.  We are looking for both full-time and part-time staff.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please write to hr@ownerreservations.com with:

  • Your resume
  • A cover letter describing your experience using OwnerRez.
  • If you’d like to identify your OwnerRez account, that would be great too - maybe we already know and like you!
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9 Comments (add yours)

Jun 9, 20
2:13 pm
Ken T says:

We have received reports from some users of difficulties sending email to hr@ownerreservations.com. We are looking into this issue; if you received a bounce message, please try again.

In addition, please feel free to also write the Helpdesk at help@ownerreservations.com if you are interested in applying for this position.

Jun 14, 20
7:36 am
BlueMtnCabins says:

Did you mean me? LOL. mentioning that I should be on payroll? Dream retirement job for me! I can also possibly do QA testing. I just need to retire as I cannot now take on a 3rd job (between my main IT job, running 3 VRs and a construction project to boot). I will hope that opportunity will still be there later :-)

Jun 14, 20
9:33 am
Paul W says:

Funny - after a couple more CSR's, we're looking to add a QA as well. We produce updates faster than we can test them, so our releases get backed up on QA for a week or two. A part-CSR/part-QA would be excellent.

Jun 14, 20
9:57 am
BlueMtnCabins says:

Paul W said:

Funny - after a couple more CSR's, we're looking to add a QA as well. We produce updates faster than we can test them, so our releases get backed up on QA for a week or two. A part-CSR/part-QA would be excellent.

I am in QA role in Agile dev team. Although was never formally trained as QA I am the one who tests application.. :-) can you tell - I find bugs.. hehe

Jun 14, 20
10:54 am
Clay and Lisa L says:

Would love to be a part of OwnerRez!!! Just listed our PCB rental with you guys and are excited for the opportunities it will bring...I manage a VA clinic and also am over QA at the clinic. Will send my info:)
Lisa Lansdell

Jun 17, 20
11:08 am
Dewey Getaway says:

Great idea to recruit from your users! Any idea of a salary/hourly range? This isn't something I can take on, but I know a few people who may be good but make it a policy not to share job opportunities that don't publish a salary/hourly range.

Jun 18, 20
7:42 am
Ken T says:

We're thinking about a number of different upcoming needs at the moment, and it's quite possible that customer support might lead into those in time. So we'd be glad to consider a wide range of experience and backgrounds. With a small, fast-growing company, you never know where you may find a good fit!

Jun 25, 20
4:16 pm
Suzie says:

My husband is an API expert. Let me know when you need some help in that area and I will give him a nudge :)

Jun 27, 20
12:38 pm
Paul W says:

By API expert, do you mean developer/engineer? If so, we may be looking for another dev in 6 months or so, but first the CSR and QA side.

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