Built by owners, for owners.

We wanted something better.  So we built it.

Simple, painless booking software with no unnecessary steps.

Our Story

After managing our own vacation rentals for several years, we became frustrated with the lack of simple, fast, clean tools in the industry.

We reviewed dozens of products but couldn't find the software we wanted that checked all our boxes.  Some tools helped us manage properties well but didn't offer ways to book.  Others only concentrated on booking features but didn't let us sell add-ons like Travel Insurance or search and report well.  Almost none of the tools integrated with our website and the ones that did were clumsy and inefficient.  We wanted to be able to generate custom quotes that didn't reserve time until the guests finalized it themselves.  In fact, we wanted guests to do just about everything themselves - including enter their own credit card information - and we wanted all this in a beautiful, modern application that was light, fast and powerful.

We also happen to be software guys who have years of experience working on large, modern web applications including a number of high profile media websites.  Many of the websites and web applications that we've developed involve financial services and several of them manage millions of visits per day.

We knew, as we looked around, what features should have been available because we knew how we would have built them.  But we couldn't find what we wanted.

So we got to work.

OwnerRez, as a product, is simple.  Our features are built for property managers and owners - whether they have a few properties or hundreds - and want a unified interface, great options, great customization and professional control.

Our goal is a product that allows managers and owners to manage all their properties from one centralized repository, book them, deal with inquiries, sell add-on services, generate reports, track inquiries-to-bookings - and it should feel fun and easy.

If you don't have a website, don't worry - you don't need one.  We host a number of public web forms that you can use so that your guests can view quotes, finalize bookings, update credit card information and more.

We sincerely believe that we are the best software available for managing vacation rental property.