Built by owners, for owners.

We wanted something better.  So we built it.

Simple, painless booking software with no unnecessary steps.

We Believe:

Managing your vacation rentals is hard enough.  If your accounting, record-keeping and marketing processes are complicated, your business will suffer.

Creating quotes and bookings should be fast, easy and automatic (even fun), but detailed enough to make you look professional. Automation should do most of the work so that you aren't lifting a finger.

Collecting payments should be simple.  Our software contacts the guest to collect failed payments or security deposits before involving you in the process.

If you have the expertise to extend our services, we believe that you should have the features you need to do that.

All of our customers, no matter how small or large, should have an open dialog with us and each other.  In order to really achieve that, it is necessary that we provide top-notch feedback and community options.

Our pricing should be simple.  Customers should fully understand our fee structure and be happy to pay it in exchange for using our software.

You should never have to worry about the availability of your data.  We should constantly be striving to create more connections between you and your guests via multiple devices.

The OwnerRez Manifesto

Our mission is to deliver fast and simple booking services that help you manage your vacation rentals.  These services will:

  • Save you boatloads of time
  • Be easy and fun to use
  • Make you look professional to your guests
  • Increase your revenue
  • Secure and backup your data
  • Provide you with useful support options
  • Be available anywhere, at any time, with an internet connection

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